Rapid start-up of anaerobic sewage treatment of Haerbin Hexin Paper Mill

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① The anaerobic tank was started quickly, and the  increasing COD removal rate expected customers' target demand. The use of anaerobic tank greatly reduced the processing load of the aerobic pool, and helped eliminate the black-odor problem effectively.

② The anti-fouling bacteria of Bio-Form has high efficiency. It helps to reduce the use of aerobic tank aerator, and improves the water quality of recycled water, thus saving certain operating costs for customers.


Harbin Hexin Paper Company Limited is located in Binxi Economic Zone, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. It mainly products high-strength corrugated medium base paper. On May 7, 2009, the high-strength corrugated paper production base, whose  annual output can achieve 100 thousand tons, switched on, making it the largest production base in Heilongjiang Province.

The  designed water volume of the sewage treatment system of this paper mill is 1200m3/d, and the process flow is as follows:

The flow chart of sewage system in Hexin Paper Company


The anaerobic tank was not started in the early stage of  system operation. The sewage was discharged from the primary sedimentation tank directly to the aerobic tank for treatment. As a result, the treatment load of the aerobic tank of the system was so high that causing black-odor problem. In order to solve this problem, Hexin Paper Company hopes to restart the anaerobic tank to reduce the treatment load of the aerobic pool and eliminate the black-odor problem.


The aerobic pool of Hexin Paper Company

After analyzing the sewage of Hexin Paper Company, we chose to add Bio-Form®,  hydrolyzed acidizing bacteria, AD bacteria agent, PP bacteria and COD  bacteria remover in papermaking sewage. After 3 weeks, the effluent concentration of COD decreased below 3000mg/L from the primary 5600mg/L (the average value), and the removal rate was up to 66.7%. Thus, the treatment load of the aerobic pool is reduced, the black-odor problem is eliminate, and at the same time, the original strength of the use intensity is decreased, and part of customers' electricity cost is saved. In addition, due to the use of the agents of Bio-Form, the degradation effect of pollutants and the quality of recycled water have been greatly improved.


The anaerobic tank operational data graph of Hexin Paper Company



Data graph of COD removal rate in anaerobic pond of  Hexin Paper Company


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