Sewage treatment by BF-biotechnology in a sewage treatment plant of Ali county in Elunchun autonomou

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① On the basic of the original system loses processing capacity, the processing capability of the system is restored within a week through adding bacterias;

② in the case of large fluctuation in water quality, ammonia nitrogen effluent is stable to the standard, and the removal rate remains above 90%;

③ Water inlet temperature is too low (10℃),  while the  microbial agents remains effective;

④ The biological activity of sludge in the system is greatly improved after debugging.



Sewage treatment plant construction is the key infrastructure project of  Oroqen Autonomous Banner. The sewage treatment can not only improve the surface water environment effectively, reduce the pollution of groundwater, but also create a good investment environment for the Ali River Town of Oroqen Autonomous Banner. The designed sewage treatment capacity of the sewage treatment plant is 6000m3/d. And the  technique adopted is multi-stage floating chain AO (biolak). The following figure is the process flow:

Process flow chart



On July 7, 2015, Bio-Form carried out an on-site investigation and found that the following problems were existed in the sewage treatment plant of  Ali River Town:

1、The water quality of the inlet water is unstable. The fluctuation range of ammonia nitrogen of the inlet water is 2-30mg /L, and the removal rate of ammonia nitrogen effluent is low;

2、water temperature  of the system is about 10 ℃, causeinga certain difficulty to system nitration;

3、The insufficient carbon source of sewage is insufficient, which is bad for the growth of microorganisms and the progress of denitrification;

4、The amount of sludge in the system is small, the flocculation is poor, the activity is weak, and most of the sludge has become dead sludge.

Requirements of the sewage treatment plant of  Ali River Town: ensuring the stability of ammonia nitrogen of the effluent under 8mg/L and enhancing the activity of sludge through the  biochemical treatment synergism system of microbial technology.

After the Bio-Form's engineers stationed in the field, they conducted a series of biochemical system debugging work, such as: adjusting the aeration system to reduce DO, removing the system dead mud, and adjusting the nutrition proportion of the system. On the nature of the sewage, finally Bio-Form® nitration and Bio-Form® denitrification were put into the system. On July 16, 2015, the bacterias were officially injected. The following is the monitoring results of the environmental testing center of Hulun Buir on August 4:



Third party detection results


Inlet water1

Inlet water2



Ammonia nitrogen





Removal rate


*Unit: mg/L



In addition, it can be found that the protozoan and metazoan basically can not found through microscope on July 16.  After a period of debugging, lot of vorticellas can be seen on July 27, indicating the biochemical system is stable and the effluent quality is good.



In the case of large water quality fluctuationa and low temperature, Bio-Form's microbial agents can also maintain high pollution treatment effect. It greatly improved the biological activity of the sewage treatment system, ensured the biochemical system stability.









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